mold prevention in winter monthsMould spores are all around us. We are constantly breathing in mold, inside and outside. It is truly part of everyday life. Sometimes however it can be problematic when we get mold growth inside and where we do not want it. The growth of mold, however, can be prevented. Mold requires moisture, warmth and a food source in order to grow in your home.

When you deprive mold of food, moisture, and warmth, you will stop it from growing but you won’t kill the mold that is already present.

The mold spores can and will stay dormant and begin growing again if they get moisture, warmth, and food. So, it’s essential to keep mold from growing in the first place.

If you live in a Canadian climate where you need to heat your home frequently, mold can start growing in the winter on your home’s inside walls, especially on the surfaces closest to the outside of your home.

Moisture that travels through the air from your basement, bathrooms, or kitchen may condense when it comes in contact with a cold wall.

One thing you can do to prevent mold growth is making sure your walls are well-insulated. Well-insulated walls can prevent condensation and mold, as well as cut down on your heating and cooling bills.


Here are some other steps you can take to prevent mold growth during the winter:

Mold can start growing in your home because of any number of issues. If you see mold in your home, contact a local expert in mold removal such as Mold Removal London

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